Zoot Money's Big Roll Band - All Night Worker - 7"EP


George Melly introduces Zoot on this session that was broadcast in 1965. It features a couple of modern jazz classics The Rock and Blues March along with Jesse Stone’s Smack Dab In The Middle and Rufus Thomas’s All Night Worker. Lo-fi yet important historical recordings that were recorded direct off a radio set in 1965.
Limited edition - Record Store Day 2018

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Record Store Day 2018 Release - No shipment before April 28th!


Artist A Zoot Money's Big Roll Band with George Melly
Title Side A The Rock / Smack Dab In THe Middle
Title Side B Zoot Chat / Blues March / All Night Worker
Artist B Zoot Money's Big Roll Band with George Melly
Plattenlabel Rhythm & Blues Records
Format 7"EP
Produzent -
Released 2018
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *


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