Velvet Candles - Sing Their Favorites - 4-track 7"EP


Too many years have passed since the Velvet Candles released their first album "The Story of our love", years where the group has grown in popularity all over the world. They have been a constant attraction on some of the biggest rock & roll festivals in Europe... Italy, the UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany.... name the country, surely the group has been there.
Keeping that in mind, the Velvet Candles wanted to leave testimony of some of the songs they have featured on their live shows, and that is what you are holding on your hands, a selection of four old favorites of the group, four songs they love doing on stage, and hopefully you'll love to hear in their voices.

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Artist A Velvet Candles, The
Title Side A Out Of My Mind / Today
Title Side B People Will Say We're In Love / Cry Cry Cry
Artist B Velvet Candles, The
Plattenlabel El Toro Records
Format 7"EP
Produzent -
Released 2016
Country of Manufacture Spanien
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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