Various - Schnitzelbeat Vol.1: I Love You Baby - LP


1964 was the year when an Austrian beat band landed a number 1 hit for the first time. Granted, “Melancholie” by the Bambis was a sickly sweet Italian flavored tear jerker, but it was also the track that managed to attract the attention of the Austrian feuilleton towards Beat as a genre, and the groups that devoted themselves to it. The downside of this sudden fame was that the generations of bands to come would have to gear their would-be hits towards kitsch and mainstream sensibilities if they wanted to be recognized by the media. In this specifically Austrian dilemma lies the origin of Schnitzelbeat as a specifically Austrian genre.
LP comes with a 12 page LP sized booklet with detailed liner notes in German and English.

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Side A
1 WERNER GAVAC- I love you, Baby! 2 FRANK ROBERTS - Maloja 3 DIE 4 BAMBIS- Inka City ’60 4 UZZI & BILL GRAH’S OLYMPIA BAND- Geisterstunden Cha-Cha 5 THE HUBBUBS- Nachts in Chicago 6 JOHNNY & THE SHAMROCKS- Biggy’s little car 7 FRANCO RUNA – ORCHESTER TEDDY WINDHOLZ- Komm, little Girl 8 FERRY GRAF & WILL FANTEL UND DIE ROCKER’S- Hotel zur Einsamkeit

Side B
9 THE AUSTRIAN EVERGREENS- Tabu 10 THE AUSTRIAN EVERGREENS- Olymp 11 DOLF KAUER & THE CHARLY-COMBO- Blue-Jean-Jack aus Meidling 12 ERROL RIBEIRO & THE VIENNA BEATLES- Sick and tired 13 THE TRAMPS- Gran Chaco 14 JERRY & THE CANNONS- Rosalie (Shake, Shake) 15 HANNES PATEK & THE VIENNA BEATLES- Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie 16ROCKIE JACKSON- Baby, let’s play house (1960)


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Trash Rock Archives
Format LP
Released 2014
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Österreich
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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