V.A. - THE HOOCHIE KOO Volume 2 - 10"


Here you are! A second batch with essential tunes from the hallowed nights of the Hoochie Koo. To us, this is dance floor material. Some of these versions you won't find anywhere else.
The Hoochie Koo is a high octane extravaganza inspired by the risqué Rock ‘N’ Roll lifestyle of the early days, delivering an explosive mix of rare 50s/60s tunes, a live - Soundsystem for the dancefloor, Gogo dancing - and the raunchiest Burlesque in town.

We’d like to thank all the Queens & Cowboys, frenetic musicians, sultry showgirls and self acclaimed dancing kings. A big shout to the collaborating venues for helping us set a benchmark. And the almighty Bassy Club, that will stay in our hearts forever...

The music:
Crazy Lover sets the mood. Thunder is tweaked a bit to kindle the floor, followed by the Earthshaker featuring the crazy honking of our Sax-player, Florent. Rock-a-Chika is an homage to the leader of our GoGo team, because her name is Chika ! Bassy Boogaloo had been recorded years ago at one of our wild nights at the infamous Bassy Club (R.I.P) Snacky is the soundtrack for the quirkiest Burlesque performer we ever had: Snacky The Drag King! Furthermore: a hiccup rock, the Nabout dance, atmospheric surf and a French Mambo version of the all-time classic Istanbul.

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A compilation of the Hoochie Koo Club Berlin

A1 Richard Berry • Crazy Lover
A2 Bob Taylor & The Counts • Thunder
A3 The Lancasters • Earthshaker
A4 Warner Mack • Rock-a-Chicka
A5 Henry Cording • Rock-Hoquet

B1 Hoochie Krew • Bassy Boogaloo B2 Hajime Kaidou • Snacky De Odorou B3 Claude François • Le Nabout Twist B4 The Atmospheres • Kaballo B5 Dario Moreno • Istanbul


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Stag-O-Lee
Format 10"
Released 2019
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *


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