Uniques - Absolutely The Uniques - LP (col. vinyl)


The Uniques possessed the qualities of excellent stage appearance and the ability to make hit records in rapid succession. Their dormant qualities have come alive and have brought out the true feelings in their songs and this can be verified by listening to such songs as “Watch This Sound”, “Out of Love”, “Gypsy Woman”, “You Will Lose A Precious Love”, “Just A Mirage” and many more heard on Absolutely The... Uniques. Whenever they deliver a song, whether a bright or a sad one, the Uniques lift your soul and bring joy to your heart with their tremendous projection of soul, sung in Rock Steady and Reggae style. As you listen to these unique renditions of the Uniques you'll realize that this album is a must for your record collection.
180 gram audiophile vinyl - Limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on orange coloured vinyl

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Side A

1. Standing In
2. Just A Mirage
3. Gypsy Woman
4. My Conversation
5. You’ll Lose A Precious Love
6. That’s The Way Love Is

Side B

1. Freedom Song
2. Run Come
3. Out Of Love
4. Watch This Sound
5. Speak No Evil
6. A Yuh


Artist Uniques, The
Plattenlabel Music On Vinyl
Format LP
Released 2019
Produzent Duke Reid
Country of Manufacture Niederlande
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