Transilvanians - Echo, Vibes & Fire - LP (incl. CD)


This very much awaited album spits flares in the shape of their classis instrumentals of catacomb reggae. Like the inaugural ‘Into The Pyramid’ with its overwhelming brass section, the exceptionally soft and elegant ‘O Rebullón’, the funk persecution that drive us to the ‘Base Alieníxena de Rande’ or the evening through the early Jamaican riddims that can be enjoyed in ‘Ska All Night’. But, besides their wicked musical style, Trasilvanians have a seal of quality in Javier Marco’s voice, as classic as the band and versatile as the best black crooners. Listen to the Princebusterian echoes in the phrasings of ‘Reggaemotion’ and, of course, the hot verses of the combative ‘The Voice Of The People’, an radiography of the current situation that invites the people to take the riddles of its own life. Apart from these, the Galicians take us to the zoo with ‘Peacock Style’ and ‘The Burial Of Monkey Paco’, where a heartfelt tribute is paid to a friendly monkey known by its addiction to sex.

But they are not alone in this party. Roy “Mr. Symarip” Ellis, habitual companion of the band in its performances in Spain, puts his superb voice in ‘Mr. Rudy’. While Roberto Sanchéz, the magician that came from the North, joins the farewell in ‘Fence Of Shame’, a song that speaks loud against the ignominious fences of Ceuta and Melilla. In total, ten original song and two covers: Mohawks’ ‘Dr. Jekyll & Hyde Park’ and an excellent revision of The Clash’s ‘Gates Of The West’.
Comes incl. free CD version.

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Into The Pyramid/Ska All Night/Peacock Style/Base Alienixena De Rande/Mr Rudy feat. Roy Ellis / O Rebullon//The Voice Of The People/Gates Of The West/Dr Jekyll & Hyde Park/Reggaemotion/The Buiral Of Monkey Paco/Fence Of Shame


Artist Transilvanians
Plattenlabel Liquidator
Format LP (incl. CD)
Released 2014
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Spanien
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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