Thee Pounders - Don't Come Back - 7"


''THEE POUNDERS have been banging the news out so loudly with their string of live-shows, you must have been living under a rock not to hear it: There's a new Garage-band in Hamburg and it’s about the finest blend of musical mynds you could imagine. The list of bands these 5 gents played in could easy fill a (multi-layered) toilet-role and includes Trashmonkeys, Painted Air, Crystal Void, The Punkles, Cpt. Howdy (a.m.o.). But when it comes to taking the sound of nineteensixtysix into the new decade, none of these matches THEE POUNDERS.
To give the rest of the universe who have yet to see THEE POUNDERS live an idea about what they are missing, the fine Hamburg-based copaseDisques-label quickly snatched up the new talent and unleash the boys debut platter. A classic 7''-single that couples a rare cover of the hipster-dancefloor-stormer ''Stay In My Life'' by the Pied Pipers with the bands first venture outside of cover-land ''Don't Come Back''.'' Gregg Breth, Magic Cube Garage’n’Psych-Club, Hamburg


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Artist A Thee Pounders
Title Side A Don't Come Back
Title Side B Stay In My Life
Artist B Thee Pounders
Plattenlabel copaseDisques
Format 7"
Produzent -
Released 2011
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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