THE BEAT!!! Vol.5 - Shows 18-21 - DVD


Legendary RnB and Soul shows from 1966. The complete shows for the first time on DVD!

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SHOW #18 (1966):
Intro by Hoss Allen, incl. The Beat Theme
Talking About My Baby - BERNARD, Chuck
Special Agent 34-24-38 - GALORE, Mamie
Where The Action Is - PARKER, Robert
Chicken Fat - JONES, Johnny & G. BROWN
Arrest Me - THOMAS, Jamo
Danny Boy - BERNARD, Check
Sharing You - COLLIER, Mitty
Picking Up Chips - BEAT BOYS
Okie Dokie Stomp - BROWN, Gatemouth

12. SHOW #19 (1966):
Intro by Hoss Allen, incl. The Beat Theme
Papa's Got A Brand New Bag - KING, Freddie
Going To Chicago - RAWLS, Lou
How Long, How Long Blues - RAWLS, Lou
I'll Remember April - BEAT BOYS
I Had A Talk With My Man - COLLIER, Mitty
My Adorable One - SIMON, Joe
Little Bag Of Tricks - BROWN, Lattimore
Happiness Is All I Need - HILL, Z.Z.
Lucky Lou - JONES, Johnny
Sen-Sa-Shun - KING, Freddie

SHOW #20 (1966):
Intro by Hoss Allen, incl. The Beat Theme
Lovin' Machine - MARTIN, Rodge
Who Can I Turn To - HALL, Gerri
It Hurts So Bad - BEAT BOYS
The Best Of Luck To You - GAINES, Earl
Turn On Your Lovelight - GAINES, Earl
You Are My Sunshine - HALL, Gerri
I Got You - JONES, Johnny
Wasted Nights - MARTIN, Rodge
Talkin' 'bout Soul - MARTIN, Rodge
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SHOW #21 (1966):
Intro by Hoss Allen, incl. The Beat Theme
Got You On My Mind - HEBB, Bobby
If I Had My Life To Live Over Again - RAWLS, Lou
Instant Blues - RAWLS, Lou
Philly Dog - BEAT BOYS
You Can Make It If You Try - HALL, Gerri
Sunny - HEBB, Bobby
In The Midnight Hour - BEAT BOYS
Day Tripper - CHURCH, Jimmy
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please note that these shows were nearly 40 years old by the time they were banned on this DVD. digital restoration was unable to compensate for all deteriation of the original videotapes and - as a result - you might notice occasional distortion and/or dropouts.
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