Talbot Brothers - The Talbot Brothers of Bermuda - LP


This album was first released as "ABC-Paramount ABC 214" in 1958.

The Talbots were the first of Bermuda’s many notable singing groups to gain international acclaim. They were frequent performers on television in the 1950s, appearing on Ed Sullivan's variety shows and other programs.
After the First World War, Bermuda's tourism industry went through considerable change as Prohibition led to a flood of affluent middle class visitors seeking sun and alcohol, and Bermuda became a summer rather than a winter destination.


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Bermuda's new visitors demanded entertainments that the genteel community was ill-equipped to provide, including a new type of music. Musical tastes in Bermuda were little different from North America and Britain. West Indian musicians were consequently brought in by the hotels, and local musicians quickly adopted the Calypso they brought with them. The Talbots organized in 1942 and performed a variation of Trinidadian calypso in a smooth melodic style influenced by popular music. Notable in their instrumentation was Roy Talbot’s home-made upright bass that is represented on the cover. Roy created the instrument out of a large meat-packing crate and a single fishing line. This item was a particular curiosity, and during the Talbots’ tours many of their fellow performers and visiting celebrities would autograph the crate...


A1 Old Uncle Joe A2 It's My Destiny A3 See What You Do A4 Out'A Me A5 Sunset In Bermuda A6 Ol' Ti' Cat-O'-Nine

B1 Don't You Call Me Boo Boo B2 When We Married Be B3 You Can't Tell The Old From The Young B4 So Near, So Far B5 The Riddle Song B6 Bermudian Blues


Artist Talbot Brothers, The
Plattenlabel Maaula Records
Format LP
Released 2017
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Frankreich
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