Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison - Studio Recordings from 1961-70 - LP


Essential compilation of top notch jamaican vocal duo + friends

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One of the first vocal duets in the Ska and Rocksteady jamaican scene, both singing together or with their own solo careers, presenting, after some decades, an album which compiles their studio recordings between 1961 and 1970.
This album features songs which are nearly impossible to get in the original 7inch format nowadays and could cost in the collector’s market around 2.000 dollars each. These tracks have been rescued for this album, cleaned and remastered for being available for everybody with the best sound quality. Those are tracks performed by Roy Panton and Yvonne Harrison, both together and as solo, but also featuring some great collaborations from other jamaican stars as Eric ‘Monty’ Morris, Millie Small, Glen Adams, etc.

A1.Roy Panton - Control Your Temper
A2. Yvonne Harrison - The Chase
A3. Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison - Join Together
A4. Roy Panton & Millie - Oh Shirley
A5. Glen & Yvonne - Dearest
A6. Roy Panton & Millie Small - We’ll Meet
A7. Eric Morris & Roy Panton - Since You Left Me.
A8. Yvonne Harrison - Take My Hand
A9. Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison - Danger
B1. Roy Panton - Endless Memory
B2. Roy & Patsy - In Your Arms Dear
B3. Roy Panton - The Mighty Ruler
B4. Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison - No More
B5. Roy Panton - Beware Rudie
B6. Roy & Annette - Go Your Way
B7. Roy & Annette - Stand Up
B8. Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison - Two Roads Before You


Artist Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison
Plattenlabel Liquidator
Format LP
Released 2012
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Spanien
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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