Spiral Staircase - More Today Than Yesterday // Baby What I Mean - 7"


California one-hit wonders Spiral Starecase. The band, from Sacramento, were formed in 1964 as The Fydallions and were signed to Columbia in ’68 by A&R man Gary Usher. It was Usher who pushed for the name change to the Spiral Starecase, after the film but with a deliberate misspelling. Usher also produced their first singles: an upbeat cover of the Drifters soul workout “Baby What I Mean” and “I’ll Run” coupled with “Inside, Outside, Upside Down”, a Mod/Soul collectable by Al Torino. But, it was Upton’s own composition “More Today Than Yesterday” that propelled the band to #12 in the Billboard Hot 100, selling over one million copies and scoring a gold disc. An album of the same name followed plus a couple more singles but they were unable to repeat their earlier success and within 18 months they disbanded.

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Artist A Spiral Staircase
Title Side A More Today Than Yesterday
Title Side B Baby What I Mean
Artist B Spiral Staircase
Plattenlabel Outta Sight
Format 7"
Produzent -
Released 2014
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
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