Various - Mods Out On The Floor , Soul-In' - LP


The concentration is there, directed straight downwards, looking at your feet. Eyes encased in dark shades so as not to give the game away. A look of nonchalance on your face that does not betray the hours spent building up to this moment. Ankle twists, fast shuffling, leaning forward and a slight shake of the hips as the music commands you to move. All over Britain, kids are sat in front of their family televisions watching your every move. Because ‘Ready, Steady Go!’ Wasn’t just about the pop stars and the visiting American artists presenting their latest songs. It was a snapshot of what was going on now…what clothes are being worn…new hairstyles…and just as important, new dances. This album of mod, dance-craze tunes will make you want to Bump, Watusi or Boogie all night long.
Strictly limited to 500 copies.


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1. Soul-In (Pts 1 & 2) - The Soul-Ins 2. The Worm - Bill Doggett 3. The Original Popeye - Wardell & The Sultans 4. The Wobble-oo - Ray Agee 5. All In One - The 3 Blue Jays 6. Boogie Twist - Roosevelt Fountain 7. The Bump - Sam Baker

1. Do The Monkey - James Ray 2. Watusi, One More Time - The Shondells 3. The Buzzard - Freddy Robinson 4. Let's Jam Again (Pt 2) - Bobby Gregg & His Friends 5. Sloppin' Pearl Woods & The Gems 6. Easy Rock - Al "TNT" Braggs 7. The Goose - Tommy Ridgely


Artist Various
Plattenlabel R&B
Format LP
Released 2016
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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