Various - Soul Braza Vol.2 - LP


Here the second batch of more incredible 60’s and 70’s soul and psych tunes from Brazil. If the first volume of Soul Braza was considered one of the best Soul compilations of 2011, this second volume is not behind that expectations, you will find here, along with some well known musicians, more obscure artists like “O Incrivel Manito”, “Os Diagonais”, “Toni Tornado” or “The Youngsters”, melting soul, samba rock, and psychedelic music. Others like “Parada 5” and “Trio Ternura”are also here represented. This musicians released some of the best Brazilian music in the '60s and '70s. This compilation is a summary of what went on during that period when soul music was everywhere, from the favelas to the most fashionable and popular parties in Brazilian cities. Here you will find some of the best tracks of Brazilian psychedelic soul music, fuzz, sweat and dancing. Soul Braza is fire!!!

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Side A
The Youngsters - Tema de Kiko
Erasmo Carlos - Mundo Deserto
Os Diagonais - Atrás do Sorriso
Toni Tornado - Osso Duro de Roer
Roberto Carlos - Não há Dinheiro Que Pague
Fernando Mendes - Não Vou Mudar
Trio Ternura - Uma Sombra na Estrada
Miguel de Deus - Cinco Ano

Side B
Jerry Adriani - Se Pensamento Falasse
Parada - Represália
Silvinha - É Minha Opinião
The Pops - Garotinha
Arnaut Rodrigues - Reginela
Red Snakes - You Make Me A Fool
Os Selvagens - Coração de Pedra
O Incrível Manito - Tucks Theme


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Nosmokerecords
Format LP
Released 2012
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Portugal
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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