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The Sound of Now … mentioned in ’The Return of Jack Slade’ by Derrick Morgan, was the sound of 1969/1970 and that sound was the sound of Jamaican reggae. The look at that time was the Skinhead fashion that again borrowed heavily from the Jamaican Rude Boy style. 17-track compilation with heavy Boss Sounds from Derrick Morgan, King Horror, The Hippy Boys, Lloyd Charmers....

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The skinhead movement started around 1968 and by the following year of 1969 became the style and fashion of the British teenagers. The uniform of the skinheads consisted of boots, braces and jeans and the upbeat reggae sounds seemed to match the style perfectly. The cultural exchange seemed to work both ways with some of the skinhead words / slangs been taken up by their Jamaican counterparts.
One great story that echoes this trade off was when Jamaican record producer Bunny Lee, who in fact produced this fine collection of tunes, was so taken with the word ‘ Aggro’, that he named his group of musicians that were cutting these songs for him The Aggrovators. The saying he picked up from singer Eddie Grant from the group The Equals, who kept relaying stories of people that were giving him ‘Agro’ all the time. In fact so enamoured was Mr Lee he named has record shop on Orange Street, Kingston,Jamaica… AGRO SOUNDS.
Never before has a music matched a look more perfectly than that of the Skinhead / Rude Boy and Jamaican reggae sound. So stand up and move your feet one more time to the Skinhead Reggae Sound !!! Hope you enjoy the set….

1. Warfare - Bunny Lee All Stars 2. The Conqueror - Derrick Morgan 3. Bossa Moon - SS Binns 4. The Return of Jack Slade - Derrick Morgan 5. Annie Pama - Bunny Lee All Stars 6. Cutting Blade - King Horror 7. Revenge of Eastwood - Bunny Lee All Stars 8. Melting Pot - Max Romeo 9. Clap Clap - The Hippy Boys featuring Max Romeo 10. Walk With Des - The Des Allstars 11. Peace Maker - The Hippy Boys 12. Death Rides A Horse - The Hippy Boys 13. Dreams To Remember - The Hippy Boys 14. In The Spirit - Lloyd Charmers

CD-Bonus tracks: 15. Musical Resurrection - Roland Alphonso 16. Black Scorcher - Des All Stars 17. One Thousand Tons Of Megatons- Roland Alphonso


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Kingston Sounds
Produzent -
Released 2016
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
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