Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Screamin' Jay Rocks - CD


31 classics, featuring the original hit version of I Put A Spell On You! - Comprehensive liner notes from ueber-fan Bill Millar! - Screamin' Jay Hawkins' records didn't go over-the-top; they started over-the-top and got more berserk from there. He lived as he sang. A simple question, like how he came up with the nickname 'Screamin'' elicited this response: "I went to Nitro, West Virginia. This is 1950. There was a big, big, huge fat lady at the bar. Just allow your mind to roam free when I say 'fat'…Glutton! Beast! O-bese! She made the average elephant look like a pencil, that's how fat she was. She was downing Black and White scotch and Jack Daniels at the same time, and whenever she looked up at me she shouted 'Scream, baby, scream!' I said to myself: 'You wanted a name?'" Screamin' Jay's influence can be found wherever music has sunk to new depths of depravity. Mixing voodoo rhythms and horror film props, he invented gothic rock. And, oh yes, he wrote and recorded the original version of I Put A Spell On You.

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1. Little Demon
2. Baptize Me In Wine
3. Not Anymore
4. In My Front Room
5. This Is All
6. What That Is
7. (She Put The) Wamee (On Me)
8. Well I Tried
9. Talk About Me
10. Take Me Back
11. I Is
12. $ 10,000 Lincoln Continental (take 2)
13. You Ain't Foolin' Me
14. Yellow Coat
15. I Put A Spell On You
16. Frenzy
17. Alligator Wine
18. There's Something Wrong With You
19. Person To Person
20. You Made Me Love You
21. Little Demon (alt. take)
22. Armpit No. 6
23. Just Don't Care
24. Strange
25. Whammy
26. Party Doll
27. All Night
28. Mountain Jive
29. Do You Really Love Me
30. Please Don't Leave Me
31. Knock-Kneed Nana (take 7)


Artist Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Plattenlabel Bear Family Records
Produzent -
Released 2008
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
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