Screamin' Jay Hawkins - A Spell On YOu: B Sides And Rarities - LP


A comprehensive collection of the early, pre-debut LP singles from one of the most controversial front-men of early rock and roll. With his classically-trained bass-baritone singing voice, Screamin' Jay Hawkins conjured up ghoulish images both on stage and on his records. Hawkins, evoking voodoo images and using bone-rattling sound effects, simultaneously entertained and bewildered rock and roll fans. Featuring his all-time classic "I Put a Spell on You", along with a batch of hard-to-find classics from his Okeh Records days. Essential.

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Side A:
Why Did You Waste My Time
No Hug No Kiss
In My Front Room
What That Is
Take Me Back
I Is
I Put A Spell On You

Side B:
$10,000 Lincoln Continental
Person To Person
There's Something Wrong With You
Alligator Wine
Armpit No. 6
The Past

All tracks recorded in 1955-1961


Artist Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Plattenlabel Wax Love
Format LP
Released 2018
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Italien
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