Rolling Stones - Sunday Night at the London Palladium 1967 - 7" 4-track EP


By 1967 Sunday Night At The London Palladium was essential family viewing. How would the Stones manage to maintain their bad boy reputation whilst still promoting their latest single? Easy. At the end of each show all the artists mounted a rotating roundabout and smiled and waved. Not the Stones. “ I thought we’d gone far enough by doing the show” claimed Jagger. “Anyway, Andrew and I had a great row about it which made an excellent front page in the Daily Mirror which I was very pleased with. “ That would be Andrew Loog Oldham, Stones manager and media manipulator supreme.

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The way the band looked was equally divisive. In the NME for January 28th fan Sue Baxter acclaimed the Stones appearance “Brilliant! Who else but them would dare to appear in the gear they wore?”. However reader Tony Hughes from Glamorgan was less impressed “in very bad taste…they could have made an effort to look reasonably respectable.”

Coming a poor third to outrage and appearance was the music. Connection is an audacious start, featuring Keith Richard’s debut lead vocal. Then follows a version of Ruby Tuesday with live vocals over a prepared backing track. Side Two opens with a radically different arrangement of It's All Over Now, specially recorded at Olympic Studios. Finally an ebullient Let’s Spend The Night Together, again with live vocals.

If only they’d played Around and Around…


Artist A Rolling Stones, The
Title Side A Introduction / Connection / Ruby Tuesday
Title Side B It's All Over Now / Let's Spend The Night Together
Artist B Rolling Stones, The
Plattenlabel Rhythm & Blues Records
Format 7" EP
Produzent -
Released 2019
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *


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