Riots - Take No Prisoners - 10"


They are back with new recordings on kingsize vinyl 10inch. Here they have turn up again the amp's to volume 11 and present 4 more stomper. SULPHATE and TAKE NO PRISONERS are encompassing the upbeat sounds of 70's Punk and Power Pop with lots of loud guitars, snotty vocals, catchy hooklines and stirring melodies. THERE IS NO FUTURE includes additionally some amazing "slide guitar" effects and will not stand still your feet. Last song ALRIGHT demonstrate that 3 chords and 4 lines are enough to write a true Power Pop gem. Note: this songs cannot help you but sing along to! Comes with Download Code.

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Artist Riots, The
Plattenlabel Time For Action
Format LP
Produzent -
Released 2014
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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