Various - Randy's Studio 17 Sessions 1969-1976 - LP


In 1959 Vincent opened a small shop on the corner of East Street and Tower Street in downtown Kingston and started selling old records from the jukeboxes. The business expanded rapidly and, two years later, Randy's moved to new premises in Kingston's commercial district at 17 North Parade where Randy's Record Mart soon established itself as one of Jamaica's leading retail outlets. Vincent also produced records and Jamaica declared it's independence in the summer of 1962 to the sound of Lord Creators 'Independent Jamaica' produced by Vincent and released on his Randy's Creative Calypso label. This is an exemplary selection of Bunny Striker Lee recordings at Randy's Studio Place 17. Most of the tracks were recorded entirely there, others are the product of Bunny's legendary mix and match approach with rhythm tracks laid down at Randy's and voiced elsewhere.
14 tracks with Delroy Wilson, Pat Kelly, John Holt, Slim Smith,Max Romeo....

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1. Delroy Wilson - I Am Still Waiting 2. Pat Kelly - You Send Me 3. Bob Marley - Mr Chatterbox 4. Cornell Campbell - How Does It Feel 5. John Holt - The Tide Is High 6. Slim Smith - Sunny Side Of The Sea 7. Pat Kelly - When A Boy Is In Love

8. Owen Grey - Candida 9. Eric Monty Morris - Do It My Way 10. Max Romeo - Let The Power Fall On I 11. Johnny Clarke - You Have Caught Me Baby 12. Ronnie Davis - Got To Come Back 13. Doreen Schaeffer - Walk Through The World 14. Freddie Mcgregor - Truth Hurts


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Voice Of Jamaica
Format LP
Released 2016
Produzent Bunny Lee
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
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