Prince Buster - The Blue Beat Singles 1961-1962 - LP


Prince Buster and the Blue Beat label: two things that are synonymous with ska music. Starting in the early 60s the UK's Blue Beat label began releasing the early ska singles of the legendary Prince Buster, introducing the British Isles to the new sounds vinyl. of Jamaica, and its biggest star. Collected0 here are 16 of these classic cuts, some of the finest ska songs ever released and the blueprint for a sound that would take the UK by storm. Rude boys the world over can rejoice because Dynamite continues to bring the classic sounds of early 60s Jamaica back into print on vinyl.
180gr vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

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1 My Sound That Goes Around 2 They Got To Go 3 Independence Song 4 Time Longer Than Rope 5 Fake King 6 One Hand Washes The Other 7 Cowboy Come To Town 8 They Got To Come

9 These Are The Times 10 Buster's Shack 11 Little Honey 12 Megaton 13 For Your Love 14 Crying Over You 15 Now You Want To 16 G.I.Lady


Artist Prince Buster
Plattenlabel Dynamite!
Format LP
Released 2015
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Italien
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