Preachers - Voodoo You Love? - CD


The Preachers from Italy gathers many influences from 60's (Love as well as the Back From the Grave obscure acts) to 80's garage (Fuzztones) with a peculiar sound that includes also powerpop and psych influences. Haunting Organ, fuzz Phantom guitars riffs, reverbered vocals and a solid rhythm section that will make you dance too. Some ten years ago people would have liked'em simply making some comparison with The Fuzztones, but nowadays we can see/hear more, why such kind of "crossover" bands are so important. They are a today's band with an eye on the past like many others, but I dare you to find another current act that mixes several influences in such great results, keeping an unique spirit and sound alive.

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Sex Rules / Hell-o / Child / Kill Jims Jay / Little Red Book / Shake YOur Bones / Try To Joke / The Bag I'm In / Ants Room / The Preacher


Artist Preachers, The
Plattenlabel Teen Sound Records
Produzent -
Released 2005
Country of Manufacture Italien
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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