Penthouse 5 - It's All My Own Bizarre Dream - LP+7"


Rare 45s and unreleased material by Texas Garage Band famous for their 1966 killer Garage 45 'Bad Girl'.
Limited edition of 500 copies with free 7inch single feat. an early unreleased version of 'Bad Girl' b/w the BY FIVE'S rare 1965 tough garager 'I Saw You Walking'

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The Penthouse 5 were one of thousands of young Texas bands influenced by the mid '60s British Invasion sound. Hailing from Dallas suburb Oak Cliff, their heyday was 1966-67, when the group recorded a number of original compositions and released two 45's. They are best remembered for their 1966 garage killer "Bad Girl", the Beatleesque "You're Gonna Make Me" and garage/folk numbers such as "In His Shadow" or "Don't Mess Around With My Dream".
Several 1967 recorded and more psychedelic influenced tracks remained unreleased, but demonstrate their musical versatility. In 1966 the quintet underwent a substantial line-up change when three of the original members, among them vocalist Rob Graham, left the unit. Graham was replaced by Jon Williams, who had previously been with the By Fives and WordD.
Alongside the Penthouse 5 recordings, the rare 7"ers of these closely linked groups are all collected for this release. Additionally an until now completely unknown 5-Track acetate recorded in 1965 rounds up this collection of rare and lost recordings by one of the greatest local sixties garage bands from the Lone Star State.


Side A
1. Bad Girl 2. In His Shadow 3. Don’t Mess Around With My Dream 4. You’re Gonna Make Me 5. It’s All My Own Bizarre Dream 6. Vertigo Blue Sometime  7. It’s All My Own Bizarre Dream

Side B
The WordD: 8. Keep On Walking 9. You’re Gonna Make Me 10. You’re Always Around
The Penthouse 5: 11. Steppin Out 12. Boom Boom 13. Tobacco Road 14. You Make Me Feel Good

Bonus 7”

Side A
By Fives - I Saw You Walking
Side AA
Penthouse 5 - Bad Girl (Rob Graham) Alternate 1965 version


Artist Penthouse 5
Plattenlabel Break-A-Way Records
Format LP
Released 2016
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
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