Os Mutantes - The Sixth Finger - LP


BACK IN STOCK - The Sixth Finger (originally the intended title for the second Os Mutantes album and was refused by their record label) collects unreleased and live tracks, outtakes and advertising jingles. Most of the tracks are taken from masters. Here you'll find Os Mutantes at their wildest, raw, psychedelic sound. Featuring many different and longer versions of some of their famous tracks. Housed in a striking cover, featuring a picture from the cancelled Mutant photo sessions for their second album

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A1 Shell Spot 1 A2 Glória Ao Rei Dos Confins Do Além (2 Festival Estudantil Da Musica Popular Br-Lp 1968) A3 Panis Et Circenses (Outake 22, 1968) A4 É Proibido Proibir (Boite Sucata 1968) A5 Ando Meio Desligado_Não Faz Marola (Long) A6 Shell Spot 1

B1 Balada Do Louco (Outake 1972) B2 Shell Spot 4 B3 Caminhante Noturno (França 1969) B4 Mutantes E Caetano - Marcianita 1968 B5 Shell Spot 5 B6 Mutantes E Caetano - A Voz Do Morto 1968 B7 Batemacumba (França 1969) B8 Shell Spot 4


Artist Os Mutantes
Plattenlabel Which
Format LP
Released 2013
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Portugal
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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