Various - Northern & Rare Soul Collector - LP


Now Outta Sight presents a dozen highlights all of which escaped release at the time of recording. From the opening bars of the opening track (Melba Moore’s “The Magic Touch”) it is clear that this Long Player is a dynamite selection that demands dance floor attention. Detroit’s Cavaliers pound out “Ooh It Hurts Me” while Maxine Brown picks up the pace with her anthem “It’s Torture”. Lorraine Chandler delivers a flawless performance on Detroit’s take on a Bond theme while Philly’s Sharon Scott offers her awesome “I’m Not Afraid”. Porgy & The Monarchs close side one with their current winner “Hey Girl”, a track that was mistakenly pressed on a B-side by Musicor in 1975. Side 2 is equally uncompromising! The pace is set by The Metros with their ferocious take on “Push A Little Harder”. Philadelphia’s Harthon productions introduce us to The United Four and Shirley Turner while Jerry Ross’ Sapphires deliver an alternate vocal to “Slow Fizz”. Lonnie Youngblood tears up Tyrone Davis’ smash “Turn Back The Hands Of Time” and Geno Washington closes with his version of The Precisions’ “If This Is Love”.

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A dozen dynamite DJ dancers that were all UNRELEASED at the time of the original recording - A unique collection that brings together Northern Soul favourites that shook the scene when they were discovered on acetates and master tapes - An important collection mastered "loud" for the enterprising DJ


Side A

  1. Melba Moore - The Magic Touch
  2. The Cavaliers - Ooh It Hurts Me
  3. Maxine Brown - It's Torture
  4. Lorraine Chandler - You Only Live Twice
  5. Sharon Scott - I'm Not Afraid
  6. Porgy & The Monarchs - Hey Girl (It's A Dream I've Always Had

Side B

  1. The Metros - Push A Little Harder
  2. The United Four - Honey Please Stay
  3. Shirely Turner - I Wish You A World Of Happiness
  4. The Sapphires - Baby You've Got Me
  5. Lonnie Youngblood - Turn Back The Hands Of Time
  6. Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Outta Sight
Format LP
Released 2016
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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