Nightbirds - 60s Swiss Freakbeat & Garage Legends - LP


The Nightbirds were a combo from Switzerland that recorded the first single in March1966 for the italian EMI. It charted in the swiss Hit Parade at once. In that period the band begun an intense activity. They turn to professional status, touring in Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany and recorded 3 more singles at EMI they played in several important Clubs in Swiss and Italy like Blow Up, Pony and Volkshaus in Zurich.

For the first time reissued on LP all tracks from the 45rpm recorded by the band in 1960's, Quelli or Alla Resa Dei Conti are some of the best tunes made by an italian/swiss band in the 60's. Freakbeat fuzz garage at its best!!!

500 copies limited edition with rare pics of the band...

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Side  A:
Night Birds
Lo Corro
Richard Cory
Ha Vinto Lámor
Tre Le Mie Cose

Side B:
Alla Resa Dei Conti
Someone's Call
Sad Reviewing
La Strada Bianca
LoNoGuardoCon Gli Occhi Della Gente


Artist Nightbirds, The
Plattenlabel Groovie Records
Format LP
Released 2014
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Portugal
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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