V.A. - Wild Chile! - A Collection Of Rare And Wild 60's Chilean Rock & Roll - LP


A collection of rare and wild '60s Chilean rock n' roll. Time to celebrate! Here's a new installment of the Wild series, focused on wild, untamed Latin American rock n' roll from the '60s. This time Pinche Discos takes you to the beautiful land of Chile for a rollercoaster of wild sounds and smashing and obscure hits. In Wild Chile! you'll find, of course, wild rock n' roll but also crazed out twist, soul stompers, and a few fiery Instrumentals to boot.

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Side A:
A1.   Willy Monti & Los Tiburones - Primitiva - 
A2.   Los Atomos - No Mientas Mas - 
A3.   Pepe Pato & Los Stereos - Me Transtornas - 
A4.   Los Primos - Flamenco A Go-Go - 
A5.   The Blue Splendor - Pasos En El Espacio - 
A6.   Alan Y Sus Bates - Que Pasa En Mi - 
A7.   Los Harmonic's - Todos Al Boogaloo - 

Side B:
B1.   Los Caporales - El Twist De La Gorda - 
B2.   Los Stereos - Monkey A Go Go - 
B3.   Flash Galindez - No Hay En La Playa - 
B4.   Los Beat 4 - Dame Un Bananino - 
B5.   The Ramblers - Lamento Indio - 
B6.   Los Minimas - 1-2-3 Soul - 
B7.   Los Diablos Azules - Jugando En La Playa


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Nein
Format LP
Released 2020
Produzent Nein
Country of Manufacture Spanien
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage *


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