Bang Girl Group Revue - Soul Shangri-La - LP (Ltd. Edition, red vinyl)


Sassy. Sultry. Sexy. Sophisticated. These are just some of the words that describe Angeline King, Tish Peterson and Rachel Mae Havens, the three vocalists who stand center stage in The Bang Girl Group Revue, the San Francisco Bay Area’s most exciting show band. And while the trio of vivacious vocalists do channel the classic sounds of the 1960s, including the Brill Building’s tales of teenage heartbreak, Tamla/Motown’s elegant RnB micro-symphonies and the foot-stomping Memphis soul of Stax, they also blend in a large measure of original songs that sound timeless but still have a timely edge.
PLEASE NOTE: sleeve has bumped edge due to transport!


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The four instrumentalists who share the stage with the trio of divine divas are much more than just a backing band. Led by guitarist Derek See, the quartet, including bassist Jafar Green, drummer Richard Gutierrez and keyboardist Curtis Meachum, has the 'four bodies-one mind' sense of rhythm that makes it impossible to keep still. When they lay into a classic number like 'In The Basement', an obscure gem like 'Hold On' or one of their own skillfully composed originals like 'Drink In Hand' you can be forgiven if your feet make a fleet retreat from your seat on onto the dance floor to gyrate to the driving beat.
The Bang Girl Group Revue is not an exercise in nostalgia. Although they take to the stage with many instruments built in the 1960's, their music has an ageless sound that appeals to the folks who love the sound of real voices blending in harmony (no Auto-tune for this band), the glorious shimmer of a guitar driving a tube amp and the visceral whomp of human drummer laying down a breathing beat. They may hail from the heart of Silicon Valley, but the Bang Girl Group Revue leaves the high-tech music gadgets to other bands.
This is a 100% analog production- recorded to tape, mixed to tape and cut to vinyl from the master tapes (not a digital transfer). The stunning artwork features a hand drawn logo and photo border by Galine Tumasova, and is simply stunning on a 12'' cover.
THIS IS THE LIMITED EDITION IN RED VINYL. Comes with free MP3 download code!

Another Notch On His Belt
Losing Control
No Matter What You Do
Make It for The Door
Let Me Down Easy
Love's Gone Bad
Drink In Hand
Not Your Fool
In The Basement
You Got My Love
You Better Watch Out
I'm A Good Woman
Needle In A Haystack
Hold On


Artist Bang Girl Group Revue, The
Plattenlabel Psychedelphonic
Format LP
Released 2012
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Vereinigte Staaten
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