Ike Turner - Down And Out - Ike Turner Recordings 1951-1959 - LP


Life’s a bitch, and so is the world...for Ike Turner at least. Neither his late and absurd Hall of Fame induction nor the release of compilations like this one will ever do justice to one of the KEY characters in the birth and development of RnR. That is why any album underlining his historical importance and artistic talent deserves plenty of attention. Down and Out –available on vinyl only— gathers the very best of Ike's output as a solo artist and as the leader of the Kings of Rhythm during the fifties. This feast of raw RnB includes I’m Lonesome Baby, his legendary first 45, the killer instrumentals Cuban Getaway and Cubano Jump, as well as Box Top, the recording debut of a very young Tina. Exquisite cover art, remastered sound, liner notes and discography by specialist Fred Rothwell, the man who is currently writing Ike Turner’s biography.

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I'm Lonesome Baby
You're Driving Me Insane
Cubano Jump
Troubles And Heartaches
Looking For My Baby
Cuban Getaway
I Wanna Make Love To You
Loosely, Boxtop
(I Know) You Don't Love Me
Go To It
Down and Out
Walking Down The Aisle
My Love


Artist Ike Turner
Plattenlabel Jerome Records
Format LP
Released 2011
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Spanien
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