Various - Merritone Rock Steady Vol.1 - DoLP


Ken Khouri’s Federal Records gave Jamaica its musical identity The Federal Record Manufacturing facility was the first pressing plant in Jamaica... their studio gave birth to mento, ska, rock steady and reggae of the highest calibre. This album features an astonishing selection of well known classics and rarities transferred straight from their master tape.
2-LP in gatefold with in depth liner notes.


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Sai Pan - Roland Alphonso
You've Lost The Love - The Renegades
You Got To Be Clean - The Ethiopians
Beware Of All Those Rude Boys - Henry Buckley
What You Gonna Do Now - The Tartans
Stranger For Durango - Roland Alphonso
Knocking On My Door - The Renegades
Shanty Town Curfew - Soul Brothers
Where Can He Go - Oswald Sewell
If I Am Right - Henry Buckley
How Soon - Roland Alphonso
Sow To Reap - Pulus
Big And Fine - The Renegades
Born To Rule - Black Brothers
Finders Keepers - Laxton Ford
Run Down - Hopeton Lewis
Oh My Love - Oswald Sewell
Pick Yourself Up - Hopeton Lewis
Dance All Night - The Tartans
What Can I Do - The Tartans
Merritone False Starts 1 - The Federal All Stars


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Dub Store
Format DoLP
Released 2016
Produzent Paul Khouri
Country of Manufacture Japan
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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