Jagged Edge aka The Off-Set - A Change Is Gonna Come - LP


Presented here is the bands first complete long player incl. their two sharp 45s and for the first time a fistful of six vintage demos. The LP has the bands 1966 all-time garage classic debut 45, 'You Can´t Keep A Good Man Down b/w How She’s Hurtin Me' and their second single release 'A Change Is Gonna Come' b/w their wild psychedelic classic 'Xanthia' recorded under the moniker 'Off-Set'. Additionally there are two alternate takes of single tracks and four completely unreleased 1965/66 recordings such as the dramatic psych/punker 'Lies I Spoke'. This collection proves : the Jagged Edge were way ahead of their times and finally carve out their slice of rock history.

All tracks are painstakingly remastered for the garage connoisseurs listening pleasure. The 10-track vinyl LP comes in a full colour cover and with an LP sized insert featuring rare pics and the bands complete and detailed history as told by former members Art Steinman and Harley Wishner.

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Part of the mystique of the '60s garage legacy is that the bands seemed to put all of their considerable talents into one or two singles, and that was it. But behind every 45 there often lurked a handful of equally killer tunes – performed or even recorded, but never released at the time. So many bands had the potential to make it but there was very little room at the top. The Jagged Edge from Brooklyn, New York, seemed to have it all - the chops, an excellent and decent-selling debut 45, and even competent management. They'd performed with a veritable who's who of big-name artists, and they seemed poised for better things. But it all went downhill suddenly, beginning with a threatening lawsuit over their name. Crucial momentum was lost and the Jagged Edge never reached the prominence they deserved.


Side A:
You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
How She's Hurtin' Me
A Change Is Gonna Come
Xanthia (Lisa)
A Change Is Gonna Come

Side B:
Lies I Spoke
Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself
A Change Is Gonna Come
Look In Her Eyes


Artist Jagged Edge aka The Off-Set
Plattenlabel Break-A-Way Records
Format LP
Released 2008
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
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