Kneejerk Reactions - The Electrifying Sounds Of The ... - LP


Introducing England’s newest, soon to be legendary rhythm, beat'n'garage combo and their astonishing debut album release. Super rough, tough, raw and wild freaked out blastin’ mid 60s style RnB all the way!
The album features 12 original compositions from the fair hand of band leader Sir Bald Diddley (Guitar/Vocals). Joining Sir Bald (aka Hipbone Slim) is the one and only Bruce ‘Bash’ Brand on drums. Bruce has walloped skins for many lauded beat, rhythm n punk combos (Milkshakes, Headcoats, Holly Golightly, Masonics, etc.) and even played with Link Wray, The Pretty Things and The Downliners Sect! Gez Gerrard plays bass guitar, blows blues harmonica and adds backing/harmony vocals. Nass Bouzida (Big Boss Man, The Bongolian) guests on organ.
The band is inspired by, amongst others,…Pretty Things, Kinks, Downliners Sect, Them, Birds, Stones, Yardbirds, Sorrows, Small Faces, Outsiders, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Link Wray, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, Sonics, Wailers, Larry and the Bluenotes and the Remains.
Recorded entirely in glorious mono at London’s vintage Gizzard Studios by ex Toe Rag engineer, Ed Deegan, ‘The Electrifying Sounds Of...’ is arguably the best British beat album since the original invasion days!!! Loaded with grab-your-throat guitar riffs, snarling vocals, wailing harp, and much maraca shaking, the album is proper raw-as-you-like freakbeat, fresh as a 1965 Shel Talmy produced single.


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Side A
1. Self Destruct 2:46 min
2. Don’t Change 2:28 min
3. Handsome Beast 3:06 min
4. Throw A Stone 2:05 min
5. Electrify Me 2:25 min
6. Who’s The Ostrich Now? 3:07 min

Side B
1. Fell For You 2:42 min
2. Ain’t The End Of The World 3:52 min
3. If Only In My Mind 2:07 min
4. Don’t Underestimate 2:59 min
5. Won’t Let You Down 2:28 min
6. Storm Before The Calm 3:18 min


Artist Kneejerk Reactions
Plattenlabel Screaming Apple
Format LP
Released 2008
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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