Crimson Shadows - Nightmares // It's Too Late - 7"


After successfully managing to escape a hospital for the musically insane they're back! Jens and Måns from the original Crimson Shadows has teamed up with fellow madmen Indy and Ulf, to once again spread the gospel according to Orgh The Caveman. Caught by the Fuzz many years ago these guys are still getting the best and biggest kicks in a parallell universe known as 'the basement' - the uncharted area in the mind where the deepest and darkest caveman truths are buried. Pure instinct and hunger. These two songs are brand new recordings of vintage Crimson Shadows songs, written a coupla decades back and then some.

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'Nightmares' was originally included on a coupla comps, but even though the original version has a great desperate quality to it and some cool fuzz, it is marred by a lame harmonica solo. It even says 'guitar solo' on the original text sheet. Anyway, this is finally rectified and now the song sounds closer to what was intended when it was once written. Manic, fuzzed out and paranoid acid punk. 'It's Too Late' exists on an old rehearsal tape from '86 and was never recorded in a studio. It still hasn't been recorded in a studio, as we decided to just set up and record this 45 in the basement where we rehearse! But this time we mixed it aswell. The version presented here is very close to the old one, except we went completely out of our heads during the rave-up. There's been many requests for The Crimson Shadows to reunite over the years, but it's always felt impossible. Finally Jens and Måns just tossed the doubts overboard, forgot about the original members who are still locked up in that hospital, and just went with it. Indy is an exile Texan living in Stockholm since 15 years and a rock'n'roller to the bone. Ulf is the greatest sloppy drummer you'll ever hear or see. On good days he's the drummer for The Dee Rangers, and then when it gets a bit crazy he finds himself in the company of The Crimson Shadows. With these guys in the line-up the sound and the vibe of The Crimson Shadows is brought back from the grave once again!


Artist A Crimson Shadows, The
Title Side A Nightmares
Title Side B It's Too Late
Artist B Crimson Shadows, The
Plattenlabel Screaming Apple
Format 7"
Produzent -
Released 2010
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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