Various - New Breed Workin', Blues with a rhythm - CD


With a third of the tracks debuting here, this CD is aimed at R&B lovers looking for something new. We found a rich vein of New Orleans R&B in the AFO vaults. From that source we feature Nookie Boy’s 1962 release ‘I’ve Got A Feeling For You Baby’, Robbie Lee’s ‘Let Me Know’, which premiered on our “Gumbo Stew” CD series in the 90s, and Joan DuValle’s previously unissued ‘Lucky Girl’.

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1. The Twitch - Danny White 2. My Baby's Gone - Pee Wee 3. Cruel World - Roosevelt Powers 4. I Can't Even Enjoy My Home - Big Charley & The Domans 5. You Never Know - B B King 6. (I Believe) Something Funny Is Going On Or Other - Bertha Tillman 7. Poor Boy s Song - Lord Luther 8. I've Got A Feelin For You Baby - Nookie Boy 9. Boss Man - Dean Hawley 10. Keep A Hold On Him - Beatrice Lee 11. These Tears (Brass Version) - Mary Johnson 12. Lucky Girl - Joan Dovalle 13. Steamboat - Arthur Grant & The Red Shoes 14. Workin' Man - Papa Jarvis 15. Real, Real Love - Ray Agee 16. What Did I Do Wrong - The Ovations 17. Let Me Know - Robbie Lee 18. Breaking Hearts - Varetta & The Thomases 19. Playboy - Billy Ray 20. Yes It's You - Big Boy Groves & Little Margie 21. Big John - Richard Berry 22. Looking For My Baby - Music City Soul Brothers 23. Twistin School - Little Betty 24. Now We Must Part - Chet Poison Ivey


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Kent Records
Produzent -
Released 2016
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
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