Move - In Europe '66-'67 - LP


The Move have been the subject of some fine retrospectives in recent years which have done justice to the group’s rich back catalogue from 1966 to 1972. Here are some tracks that were not deemed worthy of inclusion, taken mostly from continental European TV broadcasts from 1966 and 1967. Listen to their versions of the northern soul classics Tired Of Being Lonely and One Love that have never previously been released.

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1. Tired Of Being Lonely
2. Cherry Cherry
3. Our Love
4. Walk Upon The Water Wood
5. I Can Hear The Grass Grow
6. Night Of Fear
7. Eight Miles High
Tracks 1-3: First ever radio session, 24-10-66
Tracks 4-6: Live in Offenbach, 21-3-67
Track 7: Radio, 21-9-67

1. Flowers In The Rain
2. Why
3. Hey Grandma
4. I Can Hear The Grass Grow
5. Something Else
6. So You Want To Be A R'n'R Star
Tracks 1-6: Live in STockholm, 15-12-67

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Artist Move
Plattenlabel Rhythm & Blues Records
Format LP
Released 2018
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
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