MOD CHRONICLES Vol.2 - I'm not like everybody else - Book (english)


The 1990s British Mod Scene
Five years after the release of This Is A Modern Life, Enamel Verguren is releasing the follow up - I'm Not Like Everybody Else (aka The Mod Chronicles Volume 2). Volume 2 covers the 90s Mod Scene, and proves that the last decade of the millenium was much more exciting than we thought it was; from the groovy sounds of the acid Jazz 'neo-mod' culture to the Brit-Pop explosion and its consequences in te fashion world, Mod suddenly realizied that the mainstream was giving it the right ovation. The 90s, like the 1980s, had its clubs, its rallies and some very interesting stories to tell us. taken from: Double Breasted #4 190 page book crammed with cool pics, interviews, stories, newspaper snippets etc. etc.


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