Lloyd Price - Mr Personality - LP


New Orleans native Lloyd Price first found success in the early '50s on Specialty Records. After several hit records, his career was interrupted by the draft, which sent him off to Korea in 1954. When he returned from the war, he found that, not only had he been replaced in his own band by none other than Little Richard, his former driver, Larry Williams was now cutting records for Specialty himself. Undeterred, Lloyd began recording again almost immediately. His sound by the late 50s had morphed into a perfect blend of pop and New Orleans R&B, a sound that brought him to a wider audience as the classic 'Personality' hit #2 on the charts, and 'I'm Gonna Get Married' reached #3. Those two classics are included here along with 10 more great pieces of pop-tinged Rhythm and Blues. DIG IN.

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Side A
Personality/ Mary Anne/ Time After Time/ Have You Ever Had The Blues/ Yakety-Yak--Bing Bang/ I Only Have Eyes For You

Side B
I'm Gonna Get Married/ Dinner For One/ Is It Really Love?/ Poppa-Shun/ All Of Me/ I Want You To Know


Artist Lloyd Price
Plattenlabel Rumble Records
Format LP
Released 2015
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Italien
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