Cramps - Live At Club 57!! 1979 + 9 Demos 1977-79 - DoLP


Double-lp set of 21 songs, including an incredible 13-song live set recorded in 1979 with professional mixes for WPIX-FM NYC with full sonic assault! Probably the best Cramps live performance and recording ever, with Bryan and Ivy's guitars complimenting each other most brilliantly, Nick Knox's drumming is superb, and Lux providing great vocals and between-song banter. The version of 'Human Fly' is like an a-bomb exploding in your living room! The top-quality sound on the 8 demos have previously appeared on 1 or 2 reissues with inferior sound quality so get ready to hear them properly.

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Very de-LUX gatefold sleeve filled with over 20 unknown photos from 1977-1979 plus 3000+ text interviews from obscure magazines from 1977-1979.

Club 57, nyc - 1979 - live:
1. Mystery plane
2. Domino
3. Twist and shout
4. Weekend on mars
5. Voodoo idol
6. Zombie dance
7. Rockin' bones
8. Human fly
9. Garbageman
10. I was a teenage werewolf
11. Sunglasses after dark
12. T.V. Set
13. The way i walk

Studio demos - june 1977
14. Love me
15. I was a teenage werewolf
16. Sunglasses after dark
17. T.V. Set
18. What's behind the mask

Studio demos - february 1979
19. Twist and shout
20. Rockin' bones
21. Mad daddy


Artist Cramps, The
Plattenlabel Moonlight Records
Format DoLP
Released 2011
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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