Little Willie John - The King Sessions 1958-1959 - LP


During the period covered by this compilation, Little Willie John was moving into more orchestrated, pop-oriented material and arrangements than he'd used on his initial mid-'50s R&B hit singles for the King label. The change wasn't at all for the worse; he still put a lot of bluesy feeling into this form of blues-R&B-pop-rock & roll, getting his two biggest pop hits with "Talk to Me, Talk to Me" and "Spasms". Though, it's not all orchestrated R&B-pop here, by any means: there are pretty hot jump blues, ballads, and more straightforward rock & roll on "Leave My Kitten Alone," which would be covered by the Beatles in 1964. An interesting transitional period from one of the greatest R&B singers of all-time, documented here on LP.
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Side A:

Talk To Me, Talk To Me
You're A Sweetheart
Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good
Tell It Like It Is
Don't Be Ashamed To Call My Name
Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
All My Love Belongs To You

Side B:
I'll Carry Your Love Wherever You Go
No Regrets
Made For Me
No More In Life
Leave My Kitten Alone
Let Nobody Love You
Let Them Talk
Right There
May Love - Is


Artist Little Willie John
Plattenlabel Mr Suit Records
Format LP
Released 2013
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Italien
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