Various - Honkin' Billy - LP


First part of a series. 14 original recordings of Country and Hillbilly songs from the 50s. Some rare and even previously un-released songs here. Feat. ELVIS CARDEN, ROY DUKE, THE RAMBLERS, DANNY ROSS; EARL EPPS, LEO GOSNELL ... Ladies and gentlemen - it's hillbilly country time!

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Side A
Elvis Carden & Flint River Boys - Viet Nam Blues
David Hiser - On Strike
Roy Duke - Be-Have, Be-Quiet Or Begone
Freddy Countryman - Cocaine Blues
Roy Cary & Rocky Mountain Ramblers - Roll On Buddy
Ivan Bunker- Mule Skinner Blues
Danny Ross - BoogieOn The Flattop

Side B
Roger White - Somebody's Stealing My Baby
Earl Fips - Be-Bop Blues
Jim Coffey 3rd - Breakin Rock
Leo Gosnell & Smokey Mountain Drifters - Juke Point Honey
The Ramblers - Buzzin Bee
Vern Stovall & Phil Baugh - Country Guitar
Phil Baugh - Chattanooga


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Nein
Format LP
Released -
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Belgien
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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