Various - Holland Billy - DoLP


16 of the best dutch rockin' bands play 32 rockin' billies & jump'n jivers! Pressing from 1990 in MINT condition. Unplayed copy, warehouse find. Comes in gatefold sleeve.

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A1 –Black Slacks Jivin' Beat A2 –Black Slacks Crying Out For Love A3 –The Crocats Red Hot Nellie A4 –The Crocats Bop Tonight A5 –The Bugaloos Hop Skip And Jump A6 –The Bugaloos Bad Bass Boogie A7 –The Moondogs  I Want You, I Need You, I Love You A8 –The Moondogs  I Never Let Her Go

B1 –Square Cats My Gal's Been Foolin' Around B2 –Square Cats Lollipop Girl B3 –Tin Star Trio How Come You Do Me Like You Do Me B4 –Tin Star Trio Madman B5 –Cross Your Heart & The Playtex Number One B6 –Cross Your Heart & The Playtex Shoop Song B7 –Weekend Warriors  Automobil B8 –Weekend Warriors  That's Rock And Roll

C1 –The Greyhounds  Rocket C2 –The Greyhounds Bim, Bam C3 –That Crazy Beat Movie Mag C4 –That Crazy Beat Little Pig C5 –Streetbuckets Go Go Go C6 –Streetbuckets Love Me To Pieces C7 –Hop Skip And Jump Vip-A-Dip C8 –Hop Skip And Jump Stale Mate

D1 –Shaking Silhouets Silhouet Rock D2 –Shaking Silhouets Brand New Cadillac D3 –The Syreens Why Do Fools Fall In Love D4 –The Syreens Train From Kansas City D5 –Broomy Lightfeet Who's Got The Key D6 –Broomy Lightfeet Darling (Say Goodbye) D7 –Blue Moon Boys Rockin' Ronnie D8 –Blue Moon Boys Bolshewik Bop


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Rockhouse
Format DoLP
Released 1990
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Niederlande
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