Heavy Soul! issue 22 - Fanzine (english)


Includes interviews with Paul Anderson about the hugely-anticipated "Mods The New Religion" book, The PastTense on their new split 7" with The Loop, Mole from State Records / The Higher State, Sam Burnett from the reformed Back To Zero and Emma Rose-Dias talks about the new For The Love Of Mod DVD. Also articles on Joe Hunter, The SEEN, The Jam, Paul Weller News, The MANICS, Gil-Scott Heron, Georgie Fame and loads more. Plus two supplements; one on Record Store Day and the usual Reggae Newsletter and a 20 track CD. Groovy!


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Heavy Soul - Club Sounds volume 14 CD-r
1. RAVIN’ BLUE – It’s Not Real
2. SONNY FLAHERTY / MARK V – Hey Conductor
3. THE DOORS – Peace Frog
4. THE TRUTH – She’s A Roller
5. DAVID BOWIE – Good Morning Girl
6. BO DIDDLEY – I’m A Man
8. JOHNNY DARROW – Don’t Start Me Talking
9. RAY CHARLES – Get On The Right Track
10. GIL SCOTT-HERON – Free Will
11. KNUT KIESEWETTER TRAIN – Roll On the Left Side
12. MONGO SANTAMARIA – Sweet Tater Pie
13. THE SOUL SISTERS – Good Time Tonight
14. CHARLOTTA TILLMAN – Baby I’m Serious
15. THE O’JAYS – I’ll Never Forget You
16. THE TEMPTATIONS – The Girl’s Alright With Me
17. SLY & THE FAMILY STONE – Underdog
18. DAVE BARKER – Funky Reggae
19. NORA DEAN – Barbwire
20. JACKIE SHANE – Any Other Way


Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*
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