Les Grys-Grys - s/t - LP


You won’t find any cheap, half-baked, cartoon-show garage-rock-by-numbers here. This is the real deal. Much like a great chef who works only with the finest and most carefully selected ingredients to create an original and satisfying meal, Les Grys-Grys have learned to work only with the finest and most carefully selected musical influences to create an original and soul satisfying sound: the early Pretty Things and Kinks, Q65, the Masters Apprentices, the Easybeats, the Mascots, Thor’s Hammer, 13th Floor Elevators, and the Golden Dawn.

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A1 Time Flies And Still
A2 The Day
A3 Brother Tobio
A4 Gone By Dawn
A5 Got Love (aka 13 Chester Street)
A6 Satisfy The Lord Of Anarchy

B1 In A Loop
B2 She Just Left
B3 Daylight Robbery
B4 It Ain’t Right
B5 They Gonna Get Me


Artist Les Grys-Grys
Plattenlabel Groovie Records
Format LP
Released 2019
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Portugal
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