Graham Day & the Forefathers - Love Me Lies // 30-60-90 - 7"


Graham Day, Allan Crockford and Wolf Howard have been intermittently blasting out their muscular version of Medway Garage-Rock in various combinations and guises over a period of more than 30 years, releasing dozens of albums between them. Graham and Allan were in The Prisoners (‘82-‘86), before forming The Prime Movers with Wolf in 1988, releasing 3 albums before they split in 1993. The trio were re-united in 1999 as The Solarflares, releasing another 5 albums until once again calling it a day in 2004. Luckily they re-united in 2013 and 'ere we go with a taster of the upcoming album: The A side is a gloriously rough and ready version of a Prisoners song, while the flip is a frantic, fuzzed up grab at an obscure Willie Mitchell instrumental, previously notable only for being covered in 'Get Carter' and subsequently providing the inspiration for the Prisoners' 'Revenge of the Cybermen'.
2nd press Limited edition in clear vinyl.


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The three re-united as a live band in 2013, forming around the idea that the time was right for rifling through the Graham Day Songbook and delivering a 'best of' set: stripped down live versions of the best of The Prisoners, The Prime Movers, The Solarflares and The Gaolers. Recent gigs have proved that time has not dimmed their fire, energy and passion. If anything, their live performances have been more ferocious than ever. One school of thought says that GRAHAM DAY AND THE FOREFATHERS are essentially a 'tribute act', a tribute to themselves and their shared musical history...if that is true, they are the purest and best tribute act in existence! —no one delivers a Graham Day song like Graham Day, Allan Crockford and Wolf Howard.
Plans are afoot to release an 'almost' live album of choice cuts from the set, recorded in the band's rehearsal space amongst the vintage litho machines of a friend's printing company.


Artist A Graham Day & the Forefathers
Title Side A Love Me Lies
Title Side B 30-60-90
Artist B Graham Day & the Forefathers
Plattenlabel State Records
Format 7"
Produzent -
Released 2014
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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