Various - Go Devil Go! - LP


The material collected here shows the most savage and visceral side of vintage gospel music. In this God forsaken disc the hymnals range from hypnotic mid-tempo primitive rural blues to chaotic, raw R and B workouts. Guitars and furious hand claps accompany singers who do not speak of this world and are pushing hard to get to the other side. But fear not, the lyrics, messages and screams on this LP call out to the bottom feeders, backsliders and miscreants to redeem ourselves from the wages of sin and the inferno that waits for us down below.

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Go Devil Go is our own selection from the glorious 3 CD set "Fire In My Bones" compiled by Mike McGonigal in 2009. Most of the recordings included here were published in 45's or 78's for less known independent companies, some by tiny local labels and sometimes paid by the church congregation itself.
As McGonigal explains in the liner notes: "This is Gospel - which we must always remember translates as 'the good news' (...) I find it to be among the most vibrant, playful, beautiful and emotionally charged music in the world". Amen.


I'm A Soldier - The Phillips' Specials
You Ought to Been There - The B.C. Harmonizers
I’m Just A Voice - Helen McGiver and the McGiver Singers
Made A Vow To The Lord - Rev. Steward & Family
Don’t Let Him Ride - Mississippi Nightingales
This Train - Elder S. Patterson & The Christian Crusaders
Holy Rock - Reverend Billy H. Grady
Go Devil Go - Madam Ira Mae Littlejohn
The Wicked Shall Cease - Nathaniel Rivers
He’s Coming Back - Elder & Sister Brinson & the Brinson Brothers
Get Back Satan - Rev. Roger L Worthy & His Sister Bonnie Woodstock
God's Mighty Hand - Rev. Utah Smith
You Better Get Ready - The Bible Aires Spiritual Singers (Belle Aires)
So Soon - Little Ax & The Golden Echoes


Artist Various
Plattenlabel Jerome Records
Format LP
Released 2014
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Spanien
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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