Fuzztone - A Life At Psychedelic Velocity - Hardcover Book + bonus CD


Book (DIN A4/224 Pages) + Audio CD The second part of Rudi Protrudi's mammoth autobiography "The Fuzztone" bears the title "Life at Psychedelic Velocity" and concentrates on the middle eighties and onwards: from the mean streets of New York's Lower East Side to Hollywoods Sunset Strip to success in Europe, his time in the Netherlands and finally Berlin.

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He and the Fuzztones are right at the center of the Sixties Garage Revival and his accounts are breathtaking and hairraising. Again heavily illustrated, the book comes with a CD that encompasses Rudi's career from his teenage beginnings in 1966 up to 2013 - 35 songs - often with guest appearances by celebrities of the underground and psychedelic scene: Arthur Lee, Sky Saxon, Sean Bonniwell and James Lowe.


Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*
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