Faithful Brothers - Downtown, Uptown // Night Man - 7"


2nd release of a string of three initial 45 vinyl releases by newly launched ELB DIGGER label from Hamburg/Germany!
Meet The Faithful Brothers from Tel Aviv, Israel. Their blend of Northern Soul and authentic 60s Rhythm & Blues will get you moving. Featuring members of Tel Aviv Soul Club and Men Of North Country.


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Is there a Northern Soul scene in Tel Aviv? Yes there is, according to Yashiv Cohen, lead singer of Men Of North Country, a Tel Aviv Mod band that has recorded two albums for the London based label Acid Jazz.
Cohen and long time soul digging brothers, Johnnie and Bin Neeman (Neeman meaning Faithful in Hebrew), have been spinning records together for more than a decade as the Tel Aviv Soul Club, and now they have taken it a step further and teamed up with Tel Aviv’s top musicians to create original soul and R&B inspired music. As The Faithful Brothers – now an eight piece band behind Yashiv, complete with a mighty brass section – they have recorded a few songs, and have had their first live appearance, opening for and backing American Soul artist Eli Paperboy Reed.
On the second Elb Digger Single – Downtown, Uptown – The Faithful Brothers blast an R&B duet featuring Tel Aviv Soul singer Carmi Shimron. The B Side – Night Man – is a beautifully crafted Northern Soul influenced instrumental.


Artist A Faithful Brothers, The feat. Carmi Shimron
Title Side A Downtown, Uptown
Title Side B Night Man
Artist B Faithful Brothers, The
Plattenlabel Elb Digger
Format 7"
Produzent -
Released 2017
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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