Stampletons - Early Tapes - DoLP


Formed in 2009, the Stampletons is a 60´s Beat band from Belrus. Shortly afterwards they released a first album as a limited local edition.
Everything about the band was right - the clothes, the haircuts, the sound, the attidude and as a first appreciation the Russian band the Cavestompers invited them to play a show in Moscow. Not only that but one year later they recorded their 2nd album live at the Doo-Dah King bar, Minsk, which never saw the light of day and soon after this recordings the band fractured.
This double vinyl here is an almost definitive over-view of the Stampletons early recordings. Featuring a crystal clear sound and lyrics about girls, love and without any vulgarity or affectation they have laid down some mighty pure Beat/ RnB / british Mod sounds.
The first disc features the bands debut album of destincitive 60´s sound in the vein of early The Kinks, The Action, Small Faces, The Who and of course The Beatles, with chirpy vocals by Alex Stampletons being reminiscient of Steve Marriot or Ray Davies in their best days. The second disc features the previously unheard songs from their unrelesed 2nd album of pure amphetamine fuelled excitement from the first minute to the last.
Comes in deluxe gatefold edition w/ extensive sleeve notes, lyrics and photos.


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Artist Stampletons, The
Plattenlabel Time For Action
Format Do LP
Released 2012
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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