Moving Sounds - Don't Sleep On This! - CD


2004 debut album by these swedish Modsters - swirling organ, heavy basslines, punchy drums, great songs. Recommended

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The Blindfold
Two Times
Emotions and Time
Beatfever Boogaloo con gas
Turning My Heartbeat Up
The Sky
(I've Found) Perfection


What the press said:
"Moving Sounds = Great image, Good sounds and Good times. Strong originals, good covers (Auger/Dutronc etc), good dance party grooves that will make you smile, it's happy times baby! What you waiting for? Don't take my word for it, find out for yourselves, grab some good times by picking up this LP... " (Rob Bailey, New Untouchables)

"With their groovie, stylish and shakin' Mod Beat they sound like the legendary CLIQUE during their best days. Go where the In-crowd is, and don`t miss this fine live act." (Tom van der Grensje)

"Sweden, home of some of the very best garage bands, such as the MAHARAJAS, the MAGGOTS, the DEE RANGERS and the SONS OF CYRUS once again proves impressively that it´s been playing the leading part in today´s microcosmos of european 60´s influenced rock´n´roll.
The MOVING SOUNDS are just another superb example for this fact.
The super-stylish mod-outfit comes up with a bunch of real hot groovers, which will certainly make you feel good.
The combination of strong originals and well chosen covers (Auger/Dutronc etc) and that wonderful big fat hammond sound will make your next party a garanteed success.
If you used to dance to the swingin´ mod-beat of bands like the CLIQUE and the ARTWOODS, you´ll be more than happy to have finally found an adequate ambassador for a new dance-floor mayhem. Don´t sleep on this! MOVE!"


Plattenlabel copaseDisques
Produzent -
Released 2004
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
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