Derrick Morgan - In London - LP


First released 1969, the year Derrick returned to England to work with the three Palmer brothers, Harry, Jeffrey & Carl, whose Pama Records were giving Trojan Records serious competition in purveying the brand new faster, more aggressive, reggae beat not only to the expatriate Jamaican audience but also to the music's latest adherents... the skinheads. A number of his greatest hits from the period were included on this classic In London album, although actually all tracks (were) produced by Derrick Morgan in Jamaica.

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A1 Seven Letters
A2 First Taste Of Love
A3 How Can I Forget
A4 Stand By Me
A5 Don't Play That Song
A6 Too Bad

B1 One Morning In May
B2 Come What May
B3 Send Me Some Loving
B4 Make It Tan Deay
B5 Give Me Back
B6 River To The Bank


Artist Derrick Morgan
Plattenlabel Burnin Sounds
Format LP
Released 2018
Produzent Derrick Morgan
Country of Manufacture Vereinigtes Königreich
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