X-Ray Harpoons - Get Attuned To Our Tyme - LP


After two highly acclaimed singles released on copaseDisques label (Zombie Love & Snake Woman) we are are proud to present their debut album with 13 psych-o-delic garage punk killers by the "followers of fuzz" - THE X-RAY HARPOONS The band first saw the lights of stage in 2006 and developed their own style of music, strongly influenced by sixties-garage-bands like The Music Machine, The Brogues & We The People and 80s-Garage-Revival-Bands like The Fuzztones, The Gruesomes & The Gravedigger V. Roaring bass-lines, screaming fuzz-guitars, biting farfisa-organ and a wild wild drumbeat merge into an intoxicating sound crowned by a strong expressive voice!
On their debut album they deliver 11 self-penned fuzz driven organ swirling songs with frantic vocals + 2 carefully picked covers. You can't resist to 'get attuned to their tyme'.
All songs were recorded on 8 track reel to reel at Living Room Sounds by Roman Aul (Redondo Beat), mixed at Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios by Dennis Rux (Thee Pounders, Rhonda, Trashmonkeys) and mastered by Eroc (Grobschnitt).
Not the average 60s Garage revival band, but mindmelting fuzz and organ driven teenangst sounds that would fill the dancefloors in a better world.


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The album opens with the fuzz-smasher « Dawnbreaker » which comes along with a quite dark psychedelic feeling rooted in the british rave scene. « Cheat & Lie » breaks it down to a more primitive sound and makes you just wanna put on your chelsea boots and dance your ass off. « City of light », with its touch of spacy Mellotron sounds, picks up the atmosphere of the current neo-psych movement without blindly following the trend, whereas « Out of my reality » seems to be slightly inspired by the more progressive side of the 70s. On the b-side, the title track « Get attuned to my tyme » and the hypnotic floorshaker « Can’t catch up with you » captivate with catchy organ melodies and a chorus you won’t get out of your head for days. Followed by « Subliminal Love » which leads you into more dramatic realms and which could be considered the band's only « ballad ». The LP additionally features the already classic « Zombie Love » and « Faster Pussycat Kill Kill » from their 2010 7’’ EP, now suited up in an all-new outfit. Finally the covers « Hey Conductor » and « Psychedelic Siren » show where the 5 fuzz-heads come from and that they definitely don’t deny their ancestors.

Side A:
Cheat & Lie
Hey Conductor
City Of Light
Out Of My Reality
Zombie Love

Side B:
Gotta Get Attuned To My Tyme
Black Widowed Games
Can't Catch Up With You
Subliminal Love
Faster Pussycat Kill Kill
Psychedelic Siren


Artist X-Ray Harpoons, The
Plattenlabel copaseDisques
Format LP
Released 2014
Produzent -
Country of Manufacture Deutschland
Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage*


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